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Photo of the Green Acres Motel
Photo of the Green Acres Motel
Photo of the Green Acres Motel
Photo of the Green Acres Motel

Description of Green Acres Motel: A 10 unit motel in beautiful rustic environment. Located on route 7 in kinsman, Ohio. we are open year around serving Dairy farmers, hunters, fishermen, golfers, snowmobilers and families coming back home. Best week end getaway place. 10 min from paymatuning and mosquito state parks. Only 1 mile form historic kinsman town center. For reservation and information please call 330-876-4501 or e-mail us at subject: green acres motel. Most of our customers are repeat for years to enjoy peace full environment with a clean and comfortable rooms.

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Traveler Reviews of Green Acres Motel

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Bed bugs

Bad case of the Bed bugs staying here, two of had to get medical treatment due to the extensive
bite and reactions. Manager did nothing but tell us he "would make it right the next time we stayed" Yeah! Right!!!

Bed Bug Issue

I too was plagued with bed bugs, but I happen to know the manager has her hands tied by the owner as to what she can do to "make it right". Had it been up to her, she would have truly made it right for the former complainant. However, the owner frankly doesn't CARE what our experiences are at her motel. The manager has that place cleaner than it has EVER been and doesn't even get rewarded for her special attention to things. The bug issue has been remedied and the manager takes extra care to ensure they do not return and she does this at HER OWN EXPENSE because again, the OWNER does not CARE.

Continued from above

Attention Owner: "Preeti"
You know NOTHING of running a successful motel with a good reputation. Your complete lack of concern for the place SHOWS. The way you treat your manager is atrocious and wrong. I had the displeasure of over-hearing you scream at the manager for things that are completely out of her control. My group won't be returning to your motel next year due to YOUR attitude and unfortunately, it will affect the best manager you have ever had there more than it will YOU. The bed bugs are a minor issue comparatively.

Horrible owner

I totally agree with "Former Guest" above! We also witnessed the owner, "Preeti" verbally abusing the manager, "Denise" in full view and earshot of the guests with ZERO concern!!! Preeti blamed Denise for all that's wrong with the motel! It was ridiculous! In the room closest to the laundry room, the carpet is SOAKED AND SLOSHY because the washing machine leaks so bad and Preeti REFUSES to replace it and blamed Denise for that too! The woman has NO IDEA how to own a commercial property and it's literally disintegrating and she expects the manager to pay for and DO the needed repairs! Can you even IMAGINE?? We all felt SO bad for Denise having to deal with such a crazy person. Denise keeps the rooms as clean and in as good of working order as she possibly can given that she has ZERO cooperation from the owner! I'd like to say it's a pleasant place to stay, but it's just SO not.


I too witness the Indian looking woman yelling at the manager loudly and crazily! I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing! That woman treats that poor nice girl very cruelly and rude! I have been a frequent guest here at Green Acres, and have dealt with Denise and her family many times, and I can tell you, that family is the best I've seen running that motel in years! They have cured the bed bug problem, and the rooms are the cleanest I've ever seen them! I just don't understand how this owner can embarrass herself and her own manager in front of customers renting there?! The only problem I see in this motel, is the Owner Herself! Lets just all be thankful that we as the customers don't have to deal with this Indian woman, she seems quite mental, and I commend Denise and her family for cleaning up Green Acres as they have, and I hope that they will continue to stay on as the managers there.

What a stinkin dirty dump there is bed bugs everywhere also roaches what a dirty place dont come here if you do not want to get some sort of disease here in July 2012

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Green Acres Motel

Address of Green Acres Motel
8881 State Route 7,
Kinsman, Ohio
USA, 44484
Phone of Green Acres Motel
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